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Kompose Your Inner Kosmos

Explore your inner universe and unravel the wisdom that lies within you during a personal Tarot reading session with me.


Komposition Tarot

Tarot For Self-Reflection & Inner Alignment

Welcome to Komposition Tarot, where I help you find clarity and guidance through transformative Tarot readings. I'm based in Japan and offer written readings via email worldwide, and in-person readings to clients in Tokyo.

My Values

Discover Your Inner Wisdom

Let me guide you on your path toward Inner Alignment.



Align your inner realms of mind, heart, and spirit.



Connect with your authenticity and higher self.



Grow your confidence and find new horizons.



Discover your purpose and shine your light.


What My Clients Say

The reading I received was spot on. I felt supported and got my confidence back.

Sarah, Tokyo

This was such a gentle and refreshing tarot experience, thank you!

M., Kanagawa prefecture

I was looking for a tarot reader in Tokyo who speaks English. I'm glad I found her.

C., Tokyo

My Services

Insights Into Your Soul Journey

Find clarity and insight during a personal Tarot reading session with me.


In-Person Readings

Receive guidance on a specific situation or insight into your soul journey during a 30-minute Tarot reading session in Tokyo.


Written Readings

Experience a transformative inner journey with a written Tarot reading, delivered to you as a PDF file via email.


Resources & Downloads

Take your soul journey to the next level and expand your inner wisdom with my printable worksheets and ebooks.


Komposition Kosmos

A Podcast About The Inner Universe. Join me in each episode as we tap into our collective wisdom, and discover the tools to shape a life filled with purpose and meaning.

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