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Take your soul journey to the next level and expand your inner wisdom with my catalog of resources & downloads, including printable worksheets, guides, ebooks, and more. If you enjoy audio content, have a look at my meditations and sound baths, or my podcast where I explore spirituality and metaphysical topics, sharing insights and stories.

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Browse my collection of resources, ranging from free downloads to premium content available for purchase. Whether you're looking for guidebooks, worksheets, ebooks, or other digital tools, my collection is carefully chosen to provide you with transformative tools for your inner journey. Please note that some items are seasonal or limited-time offerings, and may only be available for a short period. I frequently update the content on this page, so if you don't see anything that resonates with you now, please feel free to check back later.


Rauhnächte Ritual Ebook

This ebook is your ultimate guide to embracing the transformative power of the year's darkest nights. Delve into twelve beautifully crafted Rauhnacht ceremonies designed to help you reflect, renew, and set intentions for the coming year. Each ceremony is thoughtfully paired with guided journaling prompts, meditations, and creative ideas. The ebook will be available in December later this year.

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Komposition Kosmos Podcast

Join me in my new podcast, where we explore the realms of consciousness. In each episode, we'll tap into our collective wisdom and discover the tools to shape a life filled with purpose and meaning.


Lunar Calendar 2024

A free printable calendar page that features moon phases and eclipses to keep you informed on all the lunar events of 2024.

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Inner Kosmos Guided Journal

This free printable guided journal page is the perfect tool to guide you on an exploration of your inner universe.