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A Podcast About The Inner Universe

Welcome to Komposition Kosmos podcast, where we explore the realms of consciousness. Join me in each episode as we tap into our collective wisdom, and discover the tools to shape a life filled with purpose and meaning.

In this podcast, we delve into topics about spirituality and the metaphysical. Moreover, transformative meditations and sound baths will offer you moments for self-reflection and inner alignment.

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About This Podcast

A Journey To Your Inner Universe

Komposition Kosmos podcast is your gateway to exploring the depths of spirituality and the metaphysical. My podcast is designed to guide you through a journey of self-reflection and inner alignment. Whether you are seeking insights on spiritual and metaphysical topics, stories that resonate with your soul, or meditations and sound baths to harmonize your inner realms, Komposition Kosmos is here to elevate your spiritual journey.


At Komposition Kosmos, we delve into a wide array of topics related to spirituality and the metaphysical. Each episode is designed to expand your understanding and offer new perspectives on the universe, both within and without.


I believe that stories have the power to transform. My podcast features narratives that touch on themes of personal growth, spiritual awakenings, and the mysteries of consciousness. These stories aim to inspire and connect you to the larger tapestry of the Kosmos.

Meditations & Sound Baths

Komposition Kosmos also offers guided meditations, komposed to help you find inner alignment. I work together with local artists and musicians to create transformative sound baths, such as 432 Hertz frequencies, and more.

Komposition Kosmos With A “K”

Did you realize that your inner world is an infinite universe, a Kosmos with a “K,” much like Magick with a “K”? Within this Kosmos lies untapped wisdom, waiting to support your personal growth and soul journey. I am a firm believer that we can shape our reality, by bringing awareness to this boundless potential and aligning our inner realms of mind, heart, and spirit. Join me in this podcast as we tap into our collective wisdom, and discover the tools to kompose a life filled with purpose, meaning, and wonder.


Your Host

I am Sonja, the host of Komposition Kosmos podcast and founder of Komposition Tarot. Being a spiritual practitioner, Tarot reader, and visual artist, my mission is to empower individuals through transformative readings, holistic coaching sessions, and inspiring art.

With a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and a background in teaching art courses, workshops, and 1-on-1 coaching, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. My additional work as a voice actor and narrator inspired me to launch my podcast, where I strive to guide listeners on a path of self-discovery and inner alignment.

My spiritual journey and fascination with the metaphysical started early in my childhood. With a continuous connection to the invisible realms, I provide profound, personalized insights and connect deeply with my audience. Learn more about me on this page.

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