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3 Benefits Of Written Tarot Readings

My written Tarot readings will take you on a transformative inner journey. Through a written reading, I can energetically connect to you and kompose a message that unfolds your Inner Kosmos. Receiving a written Tarot reading is like receiving a letter from your soul. 

The PDF file is formatted for A4-sized paper and can be printed at your convenience.

What Are Written Tarot Readings?

Written Tarot readings are readings in a script form, delivered to you via email. This means that you can access your reading at any time and keep it for future reference. You can also read through the reading at your own pace, taking as much time as you need to fully understand the messages being conveyed.

For these readings, I have created a variety of themes for you to choose from. From exploring the labyrinths of a Crystal Cave to finding peace and tranquility in a Blue Garden – these inner worlds provide a poetic metaphor for your reading and may bring you guidance and insight on your soul journey.

All you need to do is to choose a reading that resonates with you or your situation. I then will channel a personalized message based on your question, energy, and the reading theme you selected (please allow up to 5 business days for your reading to be ready).

The reading includes a photo of your cards, so you can see exactly what was drawn.
The reading also includes a detailed interpretation of your cards, as well as any additional insights or guidance that I may have for you.

3 Benefits Of Written Tarot Readings

1. Convenience
With a written Tarot reading, you no longer have to worry about scheduling an appointment or being on a Zoom call for an extended period. You can simply order the reading online and receive it within a few days.

2. Sense Of Privacy
Written Tarot readings also offer a level of privacy that other types of readings may not. Some people may feel uncomfortable discussing their life situation with another person, even with a trained Tarot reader. A written reading may make you feel more comfortable. You may be able to open up about your concerns and receive guidance without feeling exposed.

3. Personal Growth
My favorite advantage of a written Tarot reading is that you can keep it as part of a record, either as a digital document or print-out. This is especially useful if you are seeking personal growth and would like to track your progress over time. Furthermore, you can use written Tarot readings creatively by integrating them into your journaling or including them into a vision board.

Cover Illustration for the Crystal Cave Reading

Final Thoughts

All in all, written Tarot readings may provide you with a truly unique and convenient way for you to understand more about your life path and inner journey. Whether you need answers to a specific question in your life or you simply wish to understand more about yourself, a written Tarot reading may be just the right medium for you.

I offer a selection of reading themes that will take you on a journey of self-exploration and inner alignment. Have a look at my page to find a reading that resonates with you.

Or have a look at the selection of written readings in my online store.